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Aura Stress Relief Lamp™

Aura Stress Relief Lamp™

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✔️  Instantly eliminate stress & tension

✔️ Create your perfect ambiance

✔️ Relaxation at your fingertips

✔️ Equipped with 16 vibrant colors 

✔️ Universal Outlet (works worldwide)

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Once Turned On It Feels Like You’re Underwater With The Colours Changing And Moving Like Waves!

Experience the transformative power of our Aura Stress Relief Lamp for yourself. Order now and take the first step towards a calmer, beautiful, and more peaceful environment. Your oasis of relaxation awaits.

Why Do 9273+ Happy Users Choose Aura Stress Lamp?

At Aura Stress Lamp we attach great importance in offering the latest, most modern and highest quality products. Our priority is that you are 100% satisfied.

quick & free returns

We are extremely confident that you will absolutely fall in love with the Aura Stress Lamp, but everyone is different & in case you feel like it's not for you - you can return it & get your money back fully. No questions asked.


    Effortlessly control the settings with the included remote. Customize the ambiance to suit your mood and preferences with a wide range of color options and lighting modes.


    The Aura Stress Lamp's mesmerizing light display creates a tranquil ambiance, helping you unwind and release the tension of the day. Its soothing effects promote relaxation, allowing you to rejuvenate both physically and mentally.


    With its versatile color options and calming projections, the Aura Stress Lamp transforms your living space into a peaceful sanctuary. It will become your go-to retreat, where you can escape the chaos of daily life and find solace in its gentle glow.


    The Aura Stress Lamp elevates your  home decor, adding a touch of elegance and innovation to your living space. Its captivating light display impresses guests and sets the stage for unforgettable social gatherings, fulfilling your desire to create memorable experiences for your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I control the Aura Stress Lamp?

The Aura Stress Lamp comes with a user-friendly remote control, allowing you to easily adjust colors, brightness, and lighting modes from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Is the Aura Stress Lamp Noisy?

The Aura Stress Lamp is designed with your relaxation in mind. To ensure a peaceful sleep, we've incorporated a motor wrapped in a wooden cylinder and sealed with an acrylic lampshade that reduces motor noise by 60%.

Will the power outlet on the Aura Stress Lamp work in my country?

Yes, the USB power outlet on this lamp is designed to work universally with standard USB devices, regardless of the country you are in.

What are the dimensions of the Aura Stress Lamp?

The Aura Stress lamp is 5"x5"x5" (13cm x 13cm x 13cm)

Is the Aura Stress Lamp durable?

The Aura Stress Lamp is crafted with sturdy materials and built to last, the Aura Stress Lamp is designed to withstand everyday use and provide you with long-lasting relaxation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 470 reviews
Jettie Steuber

It's very beautiful and has several modes of use, I recommend it.

Waldo Thiel

It's beautiful! Worth it for the price, thank you very much!

Shane Bauch


Avis Luettgen

It looks great, it works as I expected. It came faster than the anticipated delivery, in less than a week. The only caveat is that it feels that a bit fragile and you have to look out for it

Ivy Donnelly

Great, good light, it makes a nice noise